ABOUT AMEGO - Anywhere Media Entertainment to Go

About Us

AMEGO stands for Anywhere Media Entertainment to GO.

The AMEGO is a revolutionary multimedia broadcasting product delivering high quality video, audio and media to mobile devices anywhere in Asia. Through our proprietary patented converged satellite terrestrial technologies, we can reach any place open to the sky at a considerable low cost.  AMEGO represents an exciting opportunity for a range of industries - automotive, education, sports, news, lifestyle and movies. The AMEGO box delivers multiple high quality television channels to users on the go, using your mobile devices to connect, receive and enjoy television and radio channels and for multiple users and devices.  

Documentaries, education, news, sports, movies - with multiple channels available, enjoy all the information and entertainment you like.  Everything you want to watch, direct to your smartphone or tablet - at no extra data charge. With new channels being added all the time, there is always something to appreciate.  

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AMEGO is the Mobile Multiuser Multimedia Product


AMEGO transforms your mobile personal space, home, vehicle and boat into a private customizable cinema and audio experience and on multiple screens at the same time.

Our Own Converged Satellite Cellular Broadcasting for Multiple Devices


We use our own converged satellite and partnered terrestrial cellular broadcasting to provide a high capacity L-band signals and comprehensive overall coverage for multiple users and devices.

Boundless Coverage Anytime and Anywhere


The AMEGO is designed for mobility and connection without constraints.  The product gives users the freedom to watch anywhere at anytime across enormous regions.

Fast Seamless Audio and Visual Media Delivery


Watch movies and media in high quality, live, in real time, direct by satellite at the speed of light with no hindrances in receiving content - no time lag, no download time, no buffering and no irritating pauses.

Plug and Play - works on Android and iOS/Apple Devices


Simply download the free AMEGO App for Android from Google Play and iOS/Apple devices or using the browser in your smartphones, tablets, iPhone and mobile devices and start watching.  It's so simple to use and enjoy immediately.

Stunning Sound and High Quality Pictures


AMEGO is the audio visual experience for people on the go.  Exceptional clarity with multichannel sound for all types of mobile devices.