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About Amego

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Amego is the first direct-to-mobile multiuser, multichannel, and multimedia device.  Amego is a mobile router which delivers television, radio, and educational high quality channels to users on the go, using your smart phones, tablets, and smart devices, even to the most remote places.  Amego provides an amazing mobile multimedia experience.  Using the state-of-the-art multiple connections, Amego can cover up to 70% of the world, 140 countries, covering 6 billion people, and 1 billion automobiles.  Everything and everywhere you want to watch, connected to your devices for free - no data charges.

1. Brief Description

The Amego Package comes with the following 6 components:

(1) Amego Package Box   (2) DC 5V Input (Car Plug)   (3) USB Upgrade Wire   (4) USB DC 5V Wire   (5) Amego Box Interface   (6) Antenna 

2. Product and Parameters 

3. The Amego Box Interface 

Note: Please plug in power to either (2) DC 5V Input (Car Plug) or (3) DC 12V Input (Wall Plug or Charger Plug or Battery Box - Sold Separately). 

4. Connections

(A) Car Connection:

 (1) Connect the Car Plug to USB Wire (2) Plug the USB Wire to Amego Box (3) Connect Antenna to Amego Box (4) Put Antenna on Car Roof 

With Amego, you will need to have a clear line of sight to the sky as this is a multi media television service.  The Antenna is assembled with an automatic magnetic holder, so it connects to the outside and on top of the roof and will stick on the vehicle roof even when travelling at high speed.   

(B) Wall Plug or Charger Plug or Battery Box Pack Connection:

(1) Connect the Wall Plug or Charge Box or Battery (Sold Separately) to the Amego Box DC's 12V Input and the Antenna to the Amego Box

5. Andriod or iOS and Apple Devices  

Using Amego requires your smart device to either install an App for Android or connecting to an App for Apple devices with the Amegolive App. The following provides the details for accessing Amego TV channels:  

Amego can be used on your Android or iOS and Apple devices to receive entertainment on the go.  

(A) For Android smartphones, tablets, and smart devices:

1) Download and install Amego.apk from Google Play website; search for: amegolive in Google Play, and press MORE if you do not see the following Apk in Google Play.


(1) Amegolive App                                                                

2) With your smart device, go to the WIFI settings, switch on WiFi signal, and scan for WiFi devices nearby. When you see, connect to Amego_XXXX (shown on the label “SSID: Amego_XXXX at the bottom side); wait until the WiFi is connected.

3) Switch to the desktop of the smart device and find the Amego App, tap on the Amego icon.

4) Select and enjoy the TV and radio channels.

(B) For Apple smartphones, tablets, and smart devices for iPhones, iPads, and Mac Notebooks:

1) Download and install Amego.apk from Google Play website; search for: amegolive in the Apple Store.


(1) Amegolive Apple App (2) Amego App  (3) Select WIFI to Amego_XXXX (4) Select Amego App's Menu  (5) Select TV and radio channels  

2) Switch on WIFI signal. Search and connect to Amego_XXXX (SSID at the bottom).

3) Select and enjoy the TV and radio channels.

4) Select full screen if needed, or use the multi-touch two finger reduce the screen to select other channels.

6. Magnetic Holder Removal

(1) Magnetic Holder on bottom of Antenna        

How to disinstall:

1) Take out two screws from Antenna as shown in Step 1.

2) Fix the holder onto the antenna as shown in Step 2 and Step 3. (The arrow on the holder should be always pointing to the front direction.)

3) Replace screws as shown in Step 4.   


(1) Step 1                                         (2) Step 2                                (3) Step 3                            (4) Step 4

7. Frequent Questions and Answers

Question 1) In the Amego App, there is an Signal and Noise Ratio (SNR) value shown at the bottom right corner.  What does it mean?  How much is appropriate?

Answer 1) SNR = Signal and Noise Ratio, the Range is from: 0 to 11, the greater the better.  Appropriate value: > 2.


Question 2) The LED light of signal indicator on Amego shell top keeps flashing on/off,  Why?

Answer 2) Number of flash times * 2 = SNR value.  SNR > 2 is good enough to view.  When the LED is flashing, this indicates that Amego has successfully connected to the satellite and receiving the TV channels.


Question 3) How high the environmental temperature can Amego tolerate?

Answer 3) No more than 60oC for Amego, Antenna, and Car power. No more than 80 oC for magnetic holder.


Question 4) Mosaic is sometimes observed in the video.  Why?

Answer 4) While the service is received via multi connections, interference and signal blockage could potentially result in signal loss.  For example, behind tall buildings that causes the loss of signal, n a tunnel, or below an overhead bridge. This problem will go away after moving to a location that provides a clear line of sight to the multi connection points.


The Amego WIFI box, charging USB cable, Car plug, and in car USB connector is designed only for internal use only and cannot be exposed to external environmental elements such as water, rain, or snow, which will void all product warranty