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Drama, documentaries and movies – with multiple television, radio, and educational channels available, enjoy all the entertainment you like, or keep up to date on the very latest news, weather, and sports.  Everything you want to watch, direct to your smartphones or tablets. With new channels being added all the time, there is always something to appreciate.  Programs will rotate and update periodically including multiple live Television Channels and various Radio Channels.

(1) Sports Channel

(2) Movie Channel 

(3) Entertainment Channel

(4) Cartoon Channel

(5) Asia Channel

(6) News Channel

(7) Music Channel

(8) Multiple Radio Channels


Countries of coverage include 140 countries and 70% of the world in Asia, Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East.  Multimedia anywhere means Amego entertainment can now truly be on the go. Whether you are entertaining yourself while on a long journey, or in a public vehicle, and on the ocean, Amego provides hours and hours of entertainment using our WIFI Amego access point and the Amego App.

Enjoy television, radio, and educational entertainment without any restrictions and cumbersome antenna and setup.

From the Amego broadcast facility, Amego entertainment is uplink to the multiple connections and broadcasted to the coverage areas. On the move vehicles and transport networks can now receive live multi connection channels, with ease, especially in areas where television services are hard pressed to reach.

That is the Amego entertainment advantage.